Yukkutz Hunting Newsletter 2016


My Friends:

2016 season was a Little bit odd regarding weather, 2015 summer rains came late so the crops were planted late and the crop harvesting was late, this means the turkey behaivor and patterns changed as well, by Winter the birds were flocked in in the cropfields where the crops were still standing!!!

This made all our early season hunts (bow & Gun) extremly difficult, we could not see them birds in time and picking out the big Tom was pretty tough to s ay the least. Then we had the crop harvesting during Hunting season, we had a ll kinds of tractors, combines , farmers working the fields we hunt on.

Well despite all these drawbacks we still managed to get 97 Toms for 76 hunters, along with 8 brocket deer, and i am a very happy man with this outcome.

Some news we got for USFW is that for 2017 season the Coati Mundi and the Plains Chachalaca is listed on CITES, so for you collectors out there who would like to take one of these back home, you have to l et me know in advance in order to get your Cites permit in time.

Then again i would like to thank all of you for making this business grow, to my staff who works that extra mile to make sure all of you take their turkey and to make your stay with us a friendly and a comfy one.

To my Family, Lorena , Diego & Manuel Jr. For helping me out during Hunting season.

Congratulations to all of you who completed your World Slam of Wild Turkeys with us yhis year.

I hope to see you again in the near future and looking forward to hunt with you for the elusive Ocellated Turkey.

Your Friend

Manuel Olaguibel