Yukkutz Hunting Newsletter 2017

My friends,

2017 season was very odd regarding weather again, we had the worst drought i have seen is this area for over 16 years, our jungle was dry, leafless and dusty with a lot of man made fires along with wildfires, it was a saddening sight.

Despite this issue we were able to fill all our turkey (98) and deer(9) tags for our hunters, we broke our weight record with a 13 plus pound turkey, a real hog. Our spur record still hanging with 2 1/8”.

News for this year is CITES bécame mandatory for Brown-Grey Brocket deer and checking our trophies with Mexicos PROFEPA at Merida´s airport one day prior your departure.

Congrats to all of you who finished your last leg for your World Slam quest.

Again i want to thank you all for hunting with us, my staff and family for keeping my dream going strong.

All the best for you all.